Bwahahahahaha, Obamacare — October 1, 2013 at 3:29 pm

OBAMACARE DAY ONE: My hideous experience


So, I got an email from my employer this morning. They went through what I’m assuming is the normal process of having the Department of Labor analyze the health insurance plan they offer to us, their employees.

The verdict: “affordable”.

I can keep my employer-based insurance. I can keep my doctors. I don’t need to go to to sign up for “government-run health care”.

Absolutely nothing changes for me.

Just. As. Advertised.

UPDATE: It’s now after 3:00 p.m. and I haven’t lost my employer-based health insurance yet.

You know, it’s the waiting that kills you.

P.S. From our inestimable webhost Charles Gaba, some sound advice if you ARE signing up for Obamacare:

Also, if you find yourself needing to talk to someone to get help with signing up, be nice to them. They are getting slammed right now and taking a lot of grief even though they are there to help. It’s not their fault that the website was literally getting a million hits an hour today.