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Day 5 – Fourth Quarter Fundraiser: Wow, have we come a long way or what?!


A little blog that grew up

I first started blogging at a site called Modblog. It was more of a blogging community than anything and I met some friends there that I still stay in touch with today. That was in 2003, right before the Bush/Kerry election, and the site was called “I’m just sayin'”. I probably had 50 people a week reading my stuff. Later, Modblog shut down, I moved to and then as the site kept closing down and moving. I finally ended up at Blogger and, after being “outed” at work, eventually shut it down completely. I resurrected the blog under the name “Eclectablog”, later moving to our own domain and after that to the WordPress platform where we are today.

This was my first woeful logo:

There was actually a bluish-purple version that’s now lost down the memory hole. At some point, Anne gently nudged me to the side and created a new logo which has gone through several iterations until we landed where we are today.

The evolution of the blog itself has mirrored, in some way, the evolution of the logo. Over time, my blogging matured into something that is professional and focused. We’ve assembled a well-balanced team of writers who bring an interesting variety of talents and perspectives, all given visual appeal and interest by Anne’s terrific photos, graphics, and memes. On Monday, we’ll be announcing a new contributor and I’m bursting at the seams to share this amazing news with you.

As I said yesterday, all of the regular contributors share in the proceeds and most of our revenue comes from supporters like you that value our work here and make a donation. If you’d like to be part of that, there are three ways you can do that:

First, you can make your donation using the PayPal link below. You can change the amount if you wish.


Or you can wait until the TinyPass pop-up pops up (every tenth click on the site) and donate that way. If you do that, the popups will go away as long as you have cookies enabled. Again, the default amounts for annual or monthly donations can be adjusted to whatever you wish them to be.

Finally, if you would prefer to send a check, send me an email and I’ll give you the address.

If you cannot afford to support us financially, you can still help. Please share our content on your Facebook page or other social media like Twitter, Reddit, etc. Put a “Like” on our Facebook page and click the “Invite friends” button and encourage your friends to like us, too.

Thanks so much,
Chris, Anne, LOLGOP, and Amy