Rick Snyder — September 17, 2013 at 9:14 am

Democratic Governors Association targets Rick Snyder and his lies in new ad


Strike three, governor. You are out.

Rick Snyder got some good news in polling this week with an EPIC-MRA poll showing him up eight points, 44-36, over Democrat Mark Schauer. This is a big swing from the 39-38 result from last spring but not entirely unexpected given Snyder’s attempts to seem reasonable and moderate by signing Medicaid expansion into law.

With the election still 14 months away, there will be plenty of movement in that poll as Schauer introduces himself to the state and Democrats and their allies (like us here at Eclectablog) work diligently to remind voters just what Rick Snyder has and, perhaps more importantly, has NOT accomplished during his time in office.

Toward that end, the Democratic Governors Association released this video yesterday which highlights the lies and obfuscations of Rick Snyder.