GOPocrisy — September 25, 2013 at 8:02 am

All Ted Cruz did was make it harder for House Republicans to keep the government open


If Ted Cruz is really against things that kill American jobs, I can see why he’s trying to destroy the Republican Party.

Last week, House Republicans erupted after Ted Cruz for indicating that he might not fight to pass the continuing resolution that defunded Obamacare he bullied them into passing.

On Tuesday night, Cruz went out to the Senate floor and spoke for more than 18 hours.

Some say it wasn’t technically a “filibuster.” Ted Cruz’s wife calls it “a typical Saturday.”

Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_CongressThe Senate will pass the bill the keeps the government open without the defunding Obamacare provision and send it back to the House with just days to pass it.

Then the dozens of House Republicans who support Cruz have now to match the junior Senator’s effort or risk the wrath of the base. So a shutdown — which is something only the Tea Party wants — is much more likely.

To be clear: A shutdown is much better outcome than a debt limit default. Both would be ridiculous and unnecessary. But if the GOP is dying for a fight after being put in a corner by Cruz, let’s have it over funding the government and not ruining America’s full faith and credit in a way that will almost certainly trigger a financial crisis.

Thanks, Senator Cruz for making a shutdown more likely and giving Senator Dick Durbin a chance to sneak a few good points in during your endless Nazi references, reading from Atlas Shrugged and repeating of debunking myths.