Detroit, Emergency Manager Law, Emergency Managers, Michigan — August 17, 2013 at 10:10 am

Rachel Maddow reports on recent victory in effort to repeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager law


This court decision “could restore small-d democracy across Michigan”

Last night, Rachel Maddow reported on something that regular readers of this blog already know: a recent federal appeals court decision has major implications for the potential striking down of Michigan’s anti-democratic Emergency Manager law. While this news is, in my mind, HUGE, it barely got noticed anywhere including in Michigan itself. So, it’s gratifying to see The Rachel Maddow Show picking it up.

Here is her most-excellent segment from last night:

Thanks, as usual, to TRMS producer Laura Conaway who has been following this story from the beginning and Michael Yarvitz for doing a terrific job of actual living, breathing journalism.