Emergency Managers, GOPocrisy, Rick Snyder — August 14, 2013 at 8:25 am

Michigan state Treasurer Andy Dillon can’t account for $100K in missing campaign funds


Rising to the level of his incompetence, maybe?

Michigan state Treasurer Andy Dillon, the man in charge of assigning and overseeing not only Michigan’s finances but all of the state’s many Emergency Managers, is attempting to close his 2010 gubernatorial campaign committee. However, there is over $100,000 not accounted for so the elections division will not allow him to close it.

Three campaign finance accounts controlled by Michigan Treasurer Andy Dillon are in disarray, with more than $100,000 not properly accounted for from Dillon’s 2010 campaign for governor, the Free Press has learned.

Dillon and his campaign treasurer want to close the Andy Dillon for Michigan campaign fund he used for the governor’s race, but Secretary of State officials won’t sign off on the closure because of financial discrepancies. […]

Minor discrepancies — sometimes due to unreported items such as small amounts of interest earned on deposits — aren’t uncommon when dissolving a campaign fund. But discrepancies involving thousands of dollars are rare, Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams said Friday.

Andy Dillon is the state’s top financial officer. It appears, however, that he cannot even keep track of his own finances. Whether this ends up being a true scandal where money was embezzled or just some sort of “technological” snafu as the Snyder administration is claiming is irrelevant. This is a man whose job it is to be vigilant and meticulous when it comes to money and this proves he is neither vigilant nor meticulous in this arena.

Dillon has a known problem with substance abuse, has restraining order on him from his ex-wife, had his wages garnished for not paying child support, and a son who was arrested for armed robbery. Yet, he seems to always get a pass on major issues with is personal life. At the same time, he has the lives of countless Michiganders in his hands with the decisions he makes with regard to Emergency Managers and how they operate.

Rick Snyder campaigned on his business acumen but, if this is an example of his judgment in hiring his staff, it’s just one more way in which the voters who supported him in 2010 were duped.

Heck of a job you’re doing there, Rick. Heck of a job.