Ann Arbor, Events, Mark Schauer — July 15, 2013 at 8:25 am

PHOTOS: Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Dems turn out to support Mark Schauer for Governor at Chez Greff


Now THAT is a party!

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Rene and Matt Greff, owners of Arbor Brewing Company and the Corner Brewery are huge supporters of Mark Schauer to be Michigan’s next governor. This past Saturday, they held a fundraising party for him at their home in Ypsilanti and it was a rousing success.

Below are some photos taken by Anne C. Savage along with some choice quotes from the evening. More photos can be seen on Anne’s Facebook page.

Christine and Mark Schauer with hosts Rene and Matt Greff

Stephanie White, founder of the Draft Mark Schauer for Governor Facebook page

Dean of the House, Congressman John Dingell, introduces Mark Schauer

When Mark and I were in Congress together, one day we were talking about the Affordable Care Act, something my old dad and I have been working on for 80 years. Now, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health care is no longer a privilege, it’s a right.

Mark said to me, “This is going to be a dangerouse vote. The Republicans will be running an adverse campaign again all who vote for it.”

Then he said, “But, John, some things are worth losing for and this is one of those things.”

He was down there doing something important. He took a risk because he believes he is a public servant. Running for governor is going to take a lot of courage. He’s proved he has that courage.”

The man of the hour

Mark and Christine Schauer

I’ve really been enjoying spending more time with Christine and my grandkids (I have four with another one on the way.) For the first time in years we actually spend a Fourth of July on the curb with our grandchild holding a plastic bag collecting candy from parade floats. But I cannot stand idly by and watch what Republicans are doing to this state. That’s why I’m running for governor.

The road to taking back control of our state begins tonight in Ypsilanti, Michigan!

I’m a public servant to my core. It’s in my DNA. One of the proudest moments of my political career was voting for the Affordable Care Act.

OUR Michigan is not one that attacks workers. OUR Michigan is not one that attacks women. OUR Michigan is not one that discriminates against people and treats them differently because of who they love.

THAT is why we will win.

It’s time for us to reclaim OUR Michigan, a state that works for everyone, not just the wealthy.

I’m up for it. I hope YOU’RE up for it. I love this stuff. Let’s do it!

A very big thanks to Matt and Rene Greff for their fine hospitality. You can read my interview with them about their support of Mark Schauer HERE.

If you’d like to support Mark Schauer’s candidacy (and you SHOULD!) you can make a donation at his website HERE.