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Day 2 – Third Quarter Fundraiser – You support us, we educate you


Support citizen journalism or democracy dies

Have you ever read anything on this site that made you go, “Why didn’t I think of it that way?” or “Why am I not reading about this anywhere else?” or “I didn’t know that!” I hear from people all of the time that tell me that Eclectablog is literally their primary source for finding out what’s going on in Michigan. In fact, I heard from a Democrat in the state House the other day who told me he has seen Republicans with Eclectablog up on their computers on the House floor!

If you get value from what we do here, if you learn, are better able to debate, and smarter about the issues, please consider supporting our work. Keeping this site going is literally like having another job for me — just one that pays a whole lot less.

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Thanks for supporting quality citizen journalism. If you support us, we can continue to support you.

Chris, Anne, LOLGOP, and Amy