Michigan Republicans — June 17, 2013 at 7:29 am

ACT NOW: Tell your Senator Michigan wants Medicaid expansion


We’re so close to making it happen. Keep up the pressure on your Republican legislators.

Medicaid expansion passed the Michigan House last week by a wide margin (76-31), which is incredibly encouraging. Now it goes to the Senate for a vote, which is very likely to happen this week before summer recess begins.

But pretty much everyone agrees that convincing the Senate to reach a compromise and vote YES on the bill is going to be a tougher win. You can bet that the Michigan Tea Party has been rallying its troops to urge every Republican Senator to vote against Medicaid expansion, because, you know, Obamacare.

The numbers are stacked against them, though. As I’ve been writing here for weeks, the overwhelming majority of Michigan citizens, businesses, healthcare providers and hospital systems support Medicaid expansion. Senate Democrats are pro-expansion. Republican Governor Rick Snyder supports it, too, despite the ire of many in his party.

Let me remind you why: More than $1 billion in federal funds to support Medicaid expansion, which could insure as many as 730,000 Michiganders. Paid in full by the federal government through 2017, when their contribution ratchets down slightly to 90 percent, where it stays starting in 2020. Gov. Snyder has a plan to use the initial savings from expansion to pay the state’s share through 2035. Smart.

Then there’s the estimated 18,000 jobs and more than $2 billion in revenue Medicaid expansion is expected to bring in by 2016. That means a more robust economy in Michigan.

Most important of all, lives can be saved by Medicaid expansion. As LOLGOP wrote here recently, one of the many negative ramifications in states not accepting Medicaid expansion is an increased mortality rate.

Republican Senators may be just as worried about re-election as they are about sticking to their political ideology. That’s why it’s imperative to let them know that Michigan voters like you overwhelmingly support Medicaid expansion. Here are two easy tools to make your voice heard:

Let’s get this done. It’s the right thing to do for Michigan and its residents.