Corporatism, Education — May 22, 2013 at 8:45 am

Tony Trupiano and Joe Disano take on Cody Bailey


That had to have left a mark

Last night on the Night Shift with Tony Trupiano radio show, Tony and political consultant Joe Disano from Main Street Strategies discussed my piece on Cody Bailey, the newly-minted 22-year old for-profit charter school president. Joe and Tony have a history with Cody and they rode him suitably hard during the Democratic primary last year.

It’s worth a listen if only to hear them call Bailey “the human herpes virus”, compare him to a case of “shingles” and call him “reptilian”. Enjoy:

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Bailey chimed in in the comments section of my piece to say that he’s not getting a salary for his role as the president of Taylor Preparatory High School’s school board. It’s not particularly unusual for school board members to not be paid. However, with public school boards, the members are ELECTED by the community, not SELECTED by the for-profit school corporation that is making money from tax dollars by hiring non-union teachers and providing educational outcomes that rarely exceed those of the public schools from which they are siphoning off money. The fact that Bailey is doing the bidding of the National Heritage Acadademies (and their subsidiary group Prep Net) for free says that he’s (a) concealing some other payments he is getting, (b) playing the role of a not-so-intelligent useful pawn of a for-profit corporation, or (c) so intent on destroying our public school system to further his right wing, corporatist, anti-union/anti-teacher, libertarian agenda that he’ll work for free while a corporation profits from his work.

It’s worth noting that after my piece came out yesterday, Bailey took down his ReformED Facebook page. As Tony asked in the segment last night, “What are you hiding, Cody?”

It’s a fair question.

I do hope, as Joe suggested, that the mainstream media outlets pick up this story and start asking some hard questions about the Prep Net for-profit charter high schools and their decision to hire a 22-year old guy with only a BA in political science from Albion College to be the president of the school board. It’s important for the citizens in Taylor be informed about the charter school in their community that is taking taxpayer money.