Fundraiser, Netroots for the Troops — May 29, 2013 at 8:02 am

Netroots for the Troops® final fundraising push – Help us meet our goal!


It takes a community…

As the wars the United States is engaged in around the world wind down and our troops come home to great fanfare and welcoming parades, it’s easy to forget that we still have thousands of men and women still serving overseas. These courageous members of the military sacrifice tremendously to help preserve peace across the globe and they are all too easily forgotten.

But our crew at Netroots for the Troops® is determined that at least some of them will KNOW they are not forgotten and we need your help with that.

Since 2008, Netroots for the Troops® has sent over 1,200 CARE packages to members of the military stationed over seas. The main event takes place at the Netroots Nation conference but fundraising happens throughout the year. You can see photos and a write-up of last year’s event HERE.

Fundraising is always a challenge and, as successive years have passed, fundraising for this project has become increasingly so. We have set a more modest goal this year of 150 CARE packages and to send these, we need to raise roughly $15,000. Fortunately, this year, an individual has stepped forward with a matching donation of $5,000 so we need to raise $10,000 to achieve our fundraising goal. I have set up a personal goal to raise $2,000 over the next two weeks and I am counting on YOU, my Eclectareaders, to help me achieve that.

Senator Sherrod Brown packs an NFTT CARE package in 2012

To make a donation, click HERE.

The money that we raise isn’t just for the contents of the CARE packages. On top of the expense of assembling all of the terrific stuff we put into them, this year the cost to send just one box has increased by a whopping $3. So, your donation is critical.

Please give what you can. Maybe it’s $10. Maybe it’s $50. Maybe you can give several hundred dollars. Whatever it is, know that your donation is being put to good use. Please donate today.

Thanks so much,
Chris | Eclectablog

Terri (CABerkeleyWV) and three members of the NFTT Board of Directors: Lynn (Velovixen), me, and Tony (TexDem)