Detroit, LGBT — April 3, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Your Wednesday afternoon Moment of LGBT Awesomeness


I’m verklempt

Last Saturday, the band Garbage had a concert in Detroit. Two of the concert goers were Scott Sauter and Domenick Viviano. The two had flown to California in the past to a benefit show for a friend of the band named Wally who was very sick, something that clearly impressed lead singer Shirley Mason. How impressed? THIS impressed:

MANSON, speaking to VIVIANO after having stopped the show and brought the two men on stage: So, as it happens, I was on my Facebook page yesterday. I was on the tour bus and I was going through messages as we do. We can’t, obviously, answer every one. But then I saw this message from your boyfriend, Scott! And he told me that you’re really super amazing. And he also told me that you had come to the Wally benefit. And then he told me a few other things about your private life that probably I shouldn’t know. I was like, “Do you guys want to come to the show tomorrow night?” And he’s like, “Fuck yeah!” And I was like, “Do you want passes so that you can come back and say hi to the band after the show?” And he was like, “Yeah! Yes I do!” And then he and I discussed a few other things. So, Scott, it’s all yours, baby.

And then Scott got down on one knee and proposed to Domenick in front of the entire audience. And Domenick said, “Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

Watch it:

Aw, sheesh. I’m all teared up again.

The image at the top of the post is from another video that was actually shot by Viviano’s sister, Kelly, from the front row. You can see them better but the audio is terrible. You can watch that video HERE.