GOPocrisy, Michigan, Michigan Republicans — April 12, 2013 at 9:07 am

Michigan Republicans know what’s best regarding hunting wolves – advance bill to deny statewide vote


This whole democracy thing is just getting out of hand, isn’t it?

Last year, the Michigan legislature took wolves off the endangered species list and earlier this year, the Department of Natural Resources proposed hunting them again, despite the fact that there are less than 700 of these native animals in the state.

A statewide coalition of people began gathering signatures to put the wolf hunt up for a statewide vote. This was, apparently, a bridge too far for Republicans who are just sick and tired of Michigan voters weighing in on things so, yesterday, they advanced Senate Bill 288 which puts wolves into the category of “game” animals, allowing them to be hunted. The bill also includes a $1 million appropriation so you won’t be need to worry about being bothered by this appearing on your ballot. The appropriation makes the law, if passed, referendum-proof. Just so there’s no delay, the Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes recommended that it be passed with “immediate effect”.

It’s just one more way that Republicans are proving that, despite their ongoing rhetoric about a “nanny state”, they have no interest in Michigan citizens weighing in on what happens in this state. Democracy, for them, is just too damned inconvenient and “you people” need to let your mommies and daddies and nannies in the state government make your decisions for you.

Now, please, go shopping or something.

[CC wolf photo by ElfenLied333 | DeviantArt]