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Day Two – Second Quarter fundraiser — Why pay for citizen journalism? Because it has value.


Citizen journalism DOES make a difference

Hi, folks. Welcome back to our second quarter fundraiser. It’s not something on I love doing but I have to if we’re going to continue to expand Eclectablog and bring on more writers and artists who I can pay at least something for their efforts. I did a quick calculation this morning while I was laying in bed and discovered something rather amazing. Eclectablog gets between 150,000 and 250,000 pageviews a month and around 100,000 unique visitors. If just ten percent of those visitors gave $20/year ($5/quarter), I could quit my full-time job and pay all the contributors a decent wage on top of it.

Sadly, we’re far from that. So, I’ll keep making my pitch. If you value the work we do — whether it’s the citizen journalism, LOLGOP’s brilliant essays, or Anne’s incredible photography — please consider making a contribution to help us achieve our goal. I know people do value Eclectablog because I hear it regularly. Here’s Progress Michigan Executive Director Zack Pohl:

Eclectablog is essential reading for political news and progressive views. Chris is always a step ahead of mainstream media outlets, making and breaking news stories. In this changing media landscape, Eclectablog is more important than ever to Michigan progressives.

Please consider making a contribution today. You can use the handy Paypal button below, changing the amount to whatever you wish, or you can send me a check. Drop me a note via our contact button at the top left of the page and I’ll provide you with my mailing address.


If you simply cannot afford even $5 or $10, please spread the word about Eclectablog. Share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and with your family and friends. Upvote our posts on Reddit. Follow us on Twitter (@Eclectablog, @Anne_Savage, and @LOLGOP). Put a “Like” on our Facebook page. Help us spread the word.

As a bonus today, here is a two-part interview I did with Bonnie Bucqueroux from Lansing Online News on citizen journalism and the role Eclectablog plays: