Fundraiser — April 13, 2013 at 9:46 am

Day 6 – Second Quarter Fundraiser — Your Support Is What Matters


Don’t make me execute you to prove how pro-life I am. The only thing worse than abortion is birth control. I’m sick of big government letting the gays marry the people they love. I’m going to deport you from this country I want to secede from. I’m afraid of the government registering my guns so I’m registering myself in a gun owners organization.

Conservatives are so good at repeating each other that they never listen to themselves.

Here at Eclectablog, we do a lot of listening and do our best to use the far right’s words and actions against them in our ongoing mission to save and — one day — grow the middle class.

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I want to thank you personally for your support and ask you to fight on to the next battle, the one that really matters — 2014. While Chris does his damnedest to keep you updated on the Republicans’ machinations and Anne delivers incomparable images, I’ll be offering my ridiculous commentary and giving you hints of my plan to crush what’s left of the Tea Party, especially in the states where they just don’t belong — like Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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– LOLGOP, Chris and Anne

[GOPosaur image courtesy of Daily Kos]