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Day 5 – Second Quarter fundraiser — We help you fight better


Helping people frame the progressive message is what we’re all about

Welcome to Day 5 of our Second Quarter fundraiser. We’ll keep it short and sweet. The tip jar was pretty quiet yesterday so I’m hoping you’ll consider making a contribution today. Although we run ads on the site, they bring a scandalously low level of revenue so your direct contributions are extremely important.

Last night, I traveled to Grand Ledge, Michigan and spoke to the Eaton County Democratic Party. What’s amazing in Eaton County is that, largely because of the efforts of the grassroots organizers there, they have converted a Republican Red County to purple and now to Democratic Blue. They’ve done this by reaching out to their neighbors and coworkers and family members to talk about what progressive liberal values really mean to people in their everyday life.

Here at a Eclectablog, we try to help you have those conversations. Whether you’re convincing a stubborn relative, talking to uninformed people at work, or having an argument with a Republican that ought to know better, our goal is help you to be more convincing; armed with the facts and easy-to-understand framing of the issue. With LOLGOP’s brilliant essays, Anne’s graphical memes and quotes and me showing you things like how Democrats want to restore $1.5 billion to the middle class next year while the Republicans want to throw over 211,000 Michiganders off food assistance, at Eclectablog, you find new, effective ways to make your case.

I think we do that pretty well. In fact I know we do because people like you tell me so regularly.

Please give a bit back by dropping some folding money in the tip jar (also known as the Paypal widget) below. Change the amount to whatever you want it to be, preferrably making it a recurring donation.


If you’d rather send a check, email me and I’ll send you my address.

But, please do give. It helps US to help YOU. Plus it gives us hope that we’re not just wasting our time : )

– Chris, Anne, and LOLGOP