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Day 4 – Second Quarter fundraiser – Here’s how we spend some of the money you donate


It doesn’t ALL go for beer

[All caricatures by DonkeyHotey from photos by Anne C. Savage for Eclectablog]

Hi, folks. Welcome to Day 4 of our Second Quarter fundraiser. As I have said in the past, we make scandalously little money from the ads on this site, despite our rather healthy level of traffic. Much like public television and public radio, our main source of funding comes from “Viewers Readers like YOU!”

Please consider making a donation using the Paypal widget below. If you are able, we’d love to have you make a recurring monthly donation. You simply plug in the amount and how many months you want your donation to go through and Paypal does the rest.


If you would rather write us a check (which avoids Paypal and the fee they take out of your donation), shoot me an email (CLICK HERE) and I’ll send you my address.

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So, what do we spend your donations on? Well, of course there are costs to maintain the site. And there are also a lot of costs incurred traveling to events. But this past quarter we used some of the funds we raised for something really fun. We hired the legendary caricature artist Donkey Hotey to create a variety of images of our illustrious Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Using Anne’s photos of Mr. Snyder, he created the images you see below. Even the background images are from Anne’s photos.

Thanks for making a donation and supporting our work here. We hope to continue expanding our work and bringing an ever-more informative, entertaining and useful site as we move forward and your financial contributions will help make that happen.

– Chris, Anne, and LOLGOP

Here are the original Snyder images that Donkey Hotey started with, taken by Anne C. Savage:

And here are Donkey Hotey’s amazing images: