UPDATED: Rachel Maddow shows how Emergency Managers in Michigan don’t exactly have the best track record


“Alright, let’s cue the Michigan tape…”

The Rachel Maddow Show takes on Michigan’s Emergency Financial Manager situation again: “THE most radical Republican experiment in the 21st Century. Why this is not a bigger national story still blows my mind.”

In her segment, Rachel shows how ineffective Emergency Financial Managers & Emergency Managers have been as solving the problems they were tasked to solve, something I have been talking about for the past year.

UPDATE: Yesterday I talked about how at least three of the four people who are running for mayor in Detroit claim the Financial Review Team that declared the emergency in Detroit presented wildly-inflated deficit numbers and painted a situation much more dire than actually exists. If that’s true, it suggests that the Snyder administration has done this intentionally so that they can come in with their Emergency Financial Manager and “save the day” for Detroit, making it the only success story with an Emergency Manager Leading Man outside of the teeny, tiny town of Three Oaks (population: ~1,600.)

This sounds very conspiratorial and tin foil hat, I know. But consider this: the Snyder administration’s policies, from stripping money out of our schools to eliminating revenues that cities formerly relied on, have created a situation that INCREASES the likelihood of a financial emergency, not decreases it. Looked at through that prism, it’s easy to be a conspiracy theorist because it all begins to look very, very deliberate.

UPDATE 2: NBC’s Brian Williams reported on this last night as well: