GOPocrisy — March 27, 2013 at 10:07 pm

No gray when it comes to gay marriage — the bigots have already lost


REMINDER: Jesus never once mentioned gays or abortion. But he was sure pissed at the people who didn’t help the poor.

America, we’ve reached a milestone and it’s time to reflect. Same-sex marriage has finally been argued in the highest court of the land. And as true sign of how we have matured as a country, the only arguments the opponents of marriage equality could make relied entirely on bullshit.

Everybody knows that there is only one reason to virulently oppose gay marriage — bigotry against gay couples. And there’s one reason to feel justified being bigoted against a group of people in 2013 — religion.

LOLGOP gay choiceAbove, Current TV’s John Fugelsang explains why there is nothing in Jesus’ words or life that justifies homophobia, something that most of us have figured out. And even if there were, Congress shall make no law infringing on a my religious belief that all gay people should be married. (Why can’t my religion believe that?)

The opponents of gay marriage were thus forced to use junk science and wacked out interpretations of the Constitution to justify state-sponsored bias against gay people. Even if the Court doesn’t deliver a blanket, Loving v. Virginia style ruling in favor of marriage as a constitutional right — as they should but won’t — the bullshit shows that we have already won.

Young people think same-sex marriage is as normal as texting while driving. Republicans pray that they’ll get more homophobic as they grow up because generally Americans have. But they don’t understand what it like to have emerged into consciousness with Craigslist, Will and Grace reruns and multiple out family members. There’s no turning back.

I’m not sure how long it will take for the Supreme Court or Congress to do the right thing. But I do know this: the bigots have lost and that’s a victory for the notion that we were founded upon, a notion that we as a people have improved with age: All human beings are created equal.

Image credit: Anne Savage