Labor — February 5, 2013 at 7:09 pm

Overview of suit to invalidate and undo Right to Work in Michigan


I have a piece up at the AFL-CIO NOW blog that gives a good overview of the complaint currently in the Ingham County Circuit Court seeking to strike down the Right to Work bills that were signed into law in December 2012. The complaint contends that the bills violate he Open Meetings Act, the First Amendment and the Michigan and U.S. constitutions and, therefore, the votes should be invalidated.

Here’s my favorite part:

Although the Republicans still maintain majorities in both the Michigan House and Senate, their margins in the House narrowed considerably after the November 2012 election. They narrowed enough, in fact, that they would not be able to pass these bills today. The two bills involved were passed 58-51 with six Republicans joining Democrats. Five of those Republicans retained their seats and Democrats picked up another five seats. Therefore, the outcome of this complaint could well spell the end of “right to work” in Michigan.

You can read the rest here:

Coalition of Michigan Lawmakers, Unions and Citizen Journalist File Lawsuit to Block ‘Right to Work’ for Less