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Michigan continues to be the butt of national jokes – latest about a new rich people-only US territory on Belle Isle


Aw, geez…

Thanks largely to the absurdity of conservatives and Republicans in Michigan, our fair state continues to be the butt of jokes nationally. From the Daily Show to The Colbert Report and beyond, we have become the laughing stock of the country.

Here are a couple of recent(ish) Daily Show segments featuring Michigan absurdity.

There’s this one about the bridge to Canada that, even though it won’t cost Michigan a dime, conservatives are refusing to support because they think Canada is full of liars:

Then there was this rap by John Stewart about Right to Work:

The most recent one came today on the lampoon site Wonkette with their piece “Go Galt In Detroit’s Centrally Planned Puerto Rico For Rich Jerks”.

Sitting in the middle of the Detroit River is Belle Isle, one of the nation’s finest urban public parks. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame. Unfortunately, Belle Isle isn’t in the best condition right now because Detroit is super poor. There exists a perfectly reasonable plan to make Belle Isle a state park so Michigan taxpayers can fund maintenance of this beloved landmark in the state’s largest city, as they do for comparable parks across the state. Naturally, this will never happen because Detroit doesn’t end up like Detroit by accident. It takes a lot of incompetence and inaction.

So what are the other options for Belle Isle? How how about letting it secede from Michigan and become its own Puerto Rico-like commonwealth for entitled rich people who pretend they’ve read the “This Is John Galt Speaking” chapter of Atlas Shrugged.

Yes, that’s right. Just like the idiots in Texas that want to secede, we have some idiots of our own right here in the Mitten State. Wonkette’s commentary is priceless:

The difference between this harebrained scheme and the usual Go Galt nuttiness is the brazen hypocrisy behind the Commonwealth of Belle Isle.

For starters, among the prime movers for the plan is former Chrysler President Hal Sperlich. You may remember Chrysler as that company American taxpayers have twice had to save from its own ineptitude. Sperlich was in Chrysler’s executive suite during that first bailout, but it was a simpler time in 1980. Taxes saved jobs, namely Sperlich’s, back then. Today’s demonstrably lower federal taxes are killing jobs because socialism. Sperlich also, for some reason, likes to take credit for the K-car. In addition to being a moocher, he’s also responsible for that shitty car your parents bought in 1982.

Leave it to people like Sperlich to want to take over one of the highlights of Detroit, a place that could easily be part of the emergence of Detroit from its dark days. They want the good stuff for their own greedy pursuits without having to contribute to the success of the city it’s part of.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This sort of epic greed and hypocrisy is typical of this group.

I look forward to the day when Michigan can relinquish its crown as The Butt, the punchline for late night comedy show segments and comedy sites on the internet. Something tells me the outcome of the 2014 elections will determine when that happens.

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