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Day Two: Second Quarter Fundraiser and an Inauguration treat for our readers


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Hello, again. Welcome to Day Two of our First Quarter Fundraiser where we come to you, asking you to show a bit of financial support for the work that I, Anne and LOLGOP do here at Eclectablog.

You can make your donation using this handy Paypal link. You can change the amount to whatever level you wish to give:


If you would prefer to send a check and need our address, send an email to me at eclectablog at gmail period com and I’ll give you the information that you need to do that.

To thank you for your kind contribution, here is an enhanced photo slideshow that Anne put together that documents our inauguration adventure in January 2009 when we made the trip to Washington, D.C. to watch Barack Obama be sworn in. It features Anne’s photography and the faces of the folks she captured make me misty-eyed every time I watch it. It features photos from the Metro ride into the Capitol, the swearing-in ceremony, the party and the Michigan Ball, all set to some amazing music by Thievery Corporation, John Mayer, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dixie Chicks.


(By the way, if you notice a bald dude with hoop earrings and a goatee that keeps showing up, that’s me. My favorite is me in the tux next to the Stephen Colbert “painting” at the Museum of American Heritage ;)

(Click the image and it will open a new window where you’ll need to hit the “play” button.)

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Thanks for considering supporting Eclectablog. We appreciate it tremendously,

Chris, Anne and LOLGOP