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Day Four – First Quarter Fundraiser


Thank you kindly

Hi, folks. As you know, Eclectablog is a fully self-funded effort. We make a small amount of money from the ads but, frankly, it’s barely worth the effort. Most of the funds that we have to pay writers and expand our coverage with better equipment and to pay for travel comes from our quarterly fundraisers. I hope you’ll consider showing how much you value Eclectablog by making a donation today.

You can make your donation using this handy Paypal link. You can change the amount to whatever level you wish to give:


If you would prefer to send a check and need our address, send an email to me at eclectablog at gmail period com and I’ll give you the information that you need to do that.

If you can’t make a financial contribution, you can help us out by spreading the word about out site. Share links with your friends on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) Like our Facebook page and invite others to like it as well. Spread the word about Eclectablog and help us expand our readership.

Also, be sure to sign our petition asking Governor Rick Snyder to expand Medicaid in Michigan so that as many as 670,000 more of our friends and neighbors will have health insurance. You can sign the petition HERE.

Thanks for considering supporting Eclectablog. We appreciate it tremendously,

Chris, Anne and LOLGOP