Racism — December 17, 2012 at 1:38 pm

University of North Alabama kicks racist football player/tweeter off the team


Racism is alive and well in America

Racist piece of feces Bradley Patterson was kicked off the University of North Alabama football team after tweeting a racist tweet calling President Obama a “nigger”. His account no longer exists but here’s a screencap:

Take that nigger off the tv, we wanna watch football! @Hester52 @Ty_CoolerThanU

What was Patterson so incensed about? President Obama’s memorial speech in Newtown, Connecticut last night, honoring the 26 children and their teachers who were killed by a gunman. Apparently, the President had the gall to interrupt their football game when he was trying to help a village full of mourning Americans through this horrifying event.

Patterson was hardly the only racist filth to tweet such things. You can read more HERE if you have the stomach for it.

The University was swift to act, tweeting this last evening:

It’s debilitating knowing that we have to contend with this sort of entrenched racism in America. After all we’ve been through, you’d think we would have moved beyond at least overt expressions of utter racial hatred like this.

Apparently not.