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Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed guns-in-schools-and-churches bill in wake of Sandy Hook shootings


It shouldn’t have taken this long

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed S.B. 59, the Republican bill that would have allowed for the carrying of concealed weapons in public places like schools, day care centers, sports arenas, bars, places of worship, hospitals, dorms and casinos. I have written before about what a tragically terrible this bill is and, actually, it’s better now than it was before it was amended. It never should have passed out of the legislature in the first place but, once it did, Governor Snyder should have announced his veto immediately.

He won’t make any friends with Michigan tea partiers with this move. Just this morning I got an email from the Tea Party of West Michigan saying:

You thought we were done for the year.

We are except there is a bill that has passed the Michigan House and Senate that still needs a signature by our Governor. I’m hearing his office voice mail box is full but try anyway. If you support this bill please call him. {…}

Please contact Gov Snyder ASAP! Please ask him to sign SB59 to allow well-trained persons to carry concealed weapons in “gun-free zones.” This is going to be controversial so he’ll need our support. He’ll need to know that we’re with him. {…}

Thanks for taking time from your busy holiday season to protect our children and all of us.

There’s bitter irony in the argument that the possession of guns makes us and our children safer. The boy who shot 20 grade schoolers in Connecticut got his guns from his mom. She had them for self-protection and then he shot her to death with them and, eventually, himself.

One person who has got to be particularly happy with this decision is Reverend D. Alexander Bullock. He was going to go on a hunger strike if Gov. Snyder signed the bill. Now he can eat his Christmas dinner.

[Snyder photo credit: Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog]