Detroit, Michigan Republicans — November 29, 2012 at 11:43 am

Michigan Republican Rick Jones willing to “dissolve” Detroit


Guess they’re getting just too damned inconvenient…

What do you do when a major metropolitan city like Detroit, Michigan just gets too goddam inconvenient? Dissolve it!

That’s what dumbass State Senator Rick Jones is proposing:

Jones says Detroit’s local leaders just aren’t dealing with the city’s fiscal problems—and having the state’s biggest city file for municipal bankruptcy would be “horrible.”

“I think everything is on the table,” Jones said. “ I would be willing to consider dissolving the city, if that’s what it took.

“One of the options could be actually dissolving the city of Detroit, and putting all of their functions back into Wayne County. That is possible.”

You know, I realize these assholes think these things. But when they are so drunk with their own power to exhibit this type of public hubris, it leaves me all but speechless.

It’s almost like they are inciting Detroiters to rise up in opposition.

Let me give you a word of advice, Mr. Jones. You don’t want that. You really don’t want that.

Adding… In other dumbass Michigan Republican news, Outgoing Rep. David Agema appears to be wishing for a theocracy in our state. Here’s what he said in his goodbye speech on the House floor this week:

“When our leadership follows biblical principles, we are blessed. When they don’t, we incur the curses God has placed on every other nation that has stood in the face of God.”

Guess we better start preparing for the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah, eh? Good riddance.

[CC photo credit: Anne C. Savage, used with permission]