Barack Obama, Michigan, Michigan Democrats, President Obama — November 1, 2012 at 12:23 pm

All of the Big 3 are surging and the Obama campaign wants you to remember why (VIDEO)


Betting on the American worker is ALWAYS a good bet

The Big 3 are doing pretty damn good right now. This week get reports that Ford and Chrysler experienced increased sales in October and GM’s stock price shot up after its third quarter report.

The Obama administration literally saved the domestic vehicle manufacturers and they would like to remind you of that:

The latest poll has the President up over Mitt Romney by 6 points heading into the final days of the election. With some hard work and a splash of luck, he’ll prevail and help Democrats up and down the ticket come out victorious next week as well.

It’s now up to us. Be sure you’re working to Get Out the Vote this weekend and through Election Day. We can’t afford to sit this one out or to let any vote go. GOTV!