Romney/Ryan: All H2 Hummer, no platoon


“[Tonight’s] debate is about foreign policy. Spoiler alert: we got bin Laden” – Barack Obama

Don’t you get the feeling that, as a child, Mitt Romney was playing with priceless antique World War I army statues while the rest of the kids were playing with little plastic army men? What he knows and understands — or rather DOESN’T understand — about foreign policy is betrayed every time he says something or does something related to it.

His bluster while our embassy staff members were being murdered served no purpose other than to make him look stupid and the country look weak. Typically, when our country is under attack, everyone pulls together and presents a united front. Not Mitt Romney. He couldn’t wait to get in front of journalists and cameras to show the world how weak we are.

Atta boy, Mitt. You’re a real team player there, pal.

So, tonight’s debate ought to be quite entertaining. And, while Mitt Romney pretends he knows anything at all about foreign policy, President Obama will be able to point to his actual foreign policy successes.

He got Osama bin Laden and, since he took office, two-thirds of al Qaeda’s top leaders have been eliminated.

He’s brought the war in Iraq to an end and our troops are coming home.

He’s winding down the war in Afghanistan.

Now, when we take military action, we have a true coalition of international partners instead of what Donald Rumsfeld laughably called the “Coalition of the Willing” — a snide remark aimed at countries in the world that weren’t willing to simply be told what to do and who to support when conflict arose.

It’s no wonder that members of the armed forces are supporting President Obama overwhelmingly over Mitt Romney.

Here’s a terrific video put out by the Obama campaign with people like former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair John Kerry explaining why Mitt Romney has no business anywhere NEAR the Situation Room:

I’m looking forward to tonight’s debate. It will be fun to watch President Obama put an unpatriotic, America-bashing foreign policy novice in his place.