Bwahahahahaha — October 31, 2012 at 5:49 am

Punkins! Punkins! Punkins! The coolest Punkins evah!


Happy Halloween!

This was VERY popular the last couple of years so I’m reposting for your Halloween viewing pleasure.


I love Halloween but I’m not much of a punkin carver. However, I love looking at them. Here’s a bunch of the coolest punkins I could find on the web.

Well, except this one. It was taken by my wife:

Here’s what she had to say about it:

I’m posting this in honor of my father whose favorite holiday was halloween. Every year until I was 18 we carved pumpkins together. They were all night projects carving crazy detailed pumpkins of things like skeletons and wolves.

This photo was taken in college for my senior project of mixed lighting. It was taken with a Pentex K1000 inherited from my father. I’m posting as a thank you to my dad who gave me both an appreciation for the carved pumpkin and a love for photography.

First, here are a few awesome ones from Pumpkin Way. I love these so much I made myself some computer wallpaper which you can see HERE

Way more after the jump.

Here’s the Big Mac punkin:

An irregular punkin and some spray paint can make for a creeee-eeeepy punkin:

Cool elephant punkin:

Here’s a selection of amazing punkins from Villafane Studios:

Here’s the Vogue (yes, that Vogue) punkin. Totally not kidding:

(It used to have How-To Instructions online but, alas, they are no more.)

A scary jQuery for the geeky coders out there:

The United States of Punkins:

On the patriotic theme, we have the Statue of Liberty punkin:

One for Pulp Fiction fans, it’s The Gimp punkin:

One of my favorite movies from one of my favorite directors, it’s The Birds punkin, a great tribute to the amazing Alfred Hitchcock:

The most creative Squid punkin:

And then the Spiral Sliced punkin:

The Gollum punkin, my preshessssss:

The inevitable Hopey McHopington punkin:

Heath Ledger as The Joker punkin:

Boris Karloff’s FrankenPunkin:

Okay, can I just say some people are overachievers???

Gotsta have some skeleton punkins like this crazy one:

And another one from Villafane Studios:

And a Spider Man punkin!

It’s the Pi punkin (or, more accurately “Punkin Pi”):

This is a job for . . . PUNKIN MAN!

Owie. That’s gotta sting…

Even punkins like noms.

Did I happen to mention that some people are overachievers? Seriously, dude, this World of Warcraft one is over the top.

One more. This one is from two years ago and was carved by my wife from two of our garden peppers:

Okay, one more. Not a punkin but scary nonetheless. This is me, Eclectablog the Plumber, on Halloween in 2008. My wife and I stopped by the Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor for a beer after a hard day’s work preparing for the weekend’s GOTV effort we were leading. Who should walk in but Sarah Palin?! (This picture was actually on the Huffington Post.)

Happy Halloween!