Barack Obama, Mitt Romney — October 27, 2012 at 10:27 am

Did Mitt Romney Just Surrender Ohio?


Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t win Ohio.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has been doing the Charlie Sheen-iest to pretend they’re winning. But the facts are pretty obvious. If they can’t win Ohio, Wisconsin and Nevada, they’re done.

Romney has never led in Ohio. President Obama has basically been running for “President of Ohio,” as Jon Stewart calls it for four years. And the fact that he saved the auto industry in a way that kept unions alive may be enough to swing it. If not, this ad helps.

Early voting and the Harry Reid machine in Nevada mean that state is almost wrapped up for the president.

Romney has never led in Wisconsin despite picking native Paul Ryan as his running mate. One poll has shown them tied, and it came from Republican pollster Rasmussen.

This new site from the Romney campaign is called but it should be called

Romney’s only hope now is to pick up Wisconsin and with it also carry Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado and New Hampshire.

Basically he has to win every other swing state except Iowa.

Wisconsin now is the new Ohio. Romney has only tied in one recent poll and that was done by Republican pollster Rasmussen. The Romney campaign is emboldened by Scott Walkers crushing win in a recall earlier this year. But the electorate for that race was +1 Republican. You can’t expect that on November 6, and many of those voters were just voting against the recall.

The reality is that the candidate who wins Ohio will likely be the president, and Romney is realizing that won’t be him.

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