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Day 6 – 4th Quarter fundraiser – What’s coming this week (it’s why you should support us)


This is hard work – your support helps make it possible

With Election Day right around the corner, things are in full swing at Eclectablog. In addition to our daily drumbeat to re-elect President Obama and to do everything in our power to keep Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as far from the reins of power as possible, we’re also bringing you information about the candidates and ballot initiatives that will appear on the ballot in Michigan. These are not rehashes of articles others have written — these are interviews done by us and analysis by us — the type of original content you’ve come to expect from Eclectablog.

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

  • Tomorrow morning, my interview with Judge Connie Marie Kelley, candidate for the State Supreme Court. This is the third in a series of in-person interviews with the three Democratic Party-endorsed women running for the state’s highest court. All three have featured the amazing photography of Anne C. Savage.
  • Information about the importance of voting YES on Proposal 3 – the Michigan Energy standard ballot proposal. In the piece I’ll have interviews with both Ryan Werder of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters and Gabe Elsner of The Checks and Balances Project.
  • My interview with Betsy Coffia, candidate for State Representative for Michigan’s 104th House District (Grand Traverse County). Betsy is running a scrappy campaign in a traditionally Republican area, taking no PAC money or out of state money. And she’s competitive!
  • My interview with Mike O’Brien, candidate for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District. O’Brien is trying to unseat long-time incumbent and embarrassment to Michigan, Fred Upton. He’s making it a VERY competitive race in what is, again, a traditional Republican stronghold on the west side of the state.

So, yeah, we’ve been busy and the result is that you are more informed about the candidates and issues affecting our state. Before election day, we’ll have more interviews as well as details on the other ballot initiatives and a voters guide, as well.

Do you find value in all of this? Do you think this type of effort — and, honestly, I spend 35-40 hours a week on this outside of my normal day job — deserves your support? If so, please use this handy Paypal link to show us a bit of love. You are welcome to change the amount to whatever you wish.


If you’d prefer to send a check, shoot me an email at eclectablog at gmail period com and I’ll send you my mailing address.

To encourage you to give, everyone who makes a donation of $25 or more will be entered into a drawing for one of five two-poster sets of signed photomosaic posters of President Obama. These are original creations by our own Anne C. Savage. Her first one ran as a full two-page spread in Time magazine and has been used for book covers, in other magazines and for posters. This year, she has a new one. The posters arrived this weekend and they are amazing!

Here’s what the new one looks like. Click the image to go to a page where you can see the faces up close.

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– Chris, Anne, & LOLGOP