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Day 4 – 4th Quarter fundraiser – It doesn’t have to be a lot


Think of it as an investment

Hi, folks. Thanks for your patience as we make our way though fundraiser week. I listen to Michigan Public Radio every morning and realized that we’re running competing fundraising drives this week. Ironically, judging by the Alexa scores — a rating system for website traffic — Eclectablog actually gets more traffic than

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to donate a lot of money to help out. If a significant number of our regular readers were to kick in $5 or $10, it would go a long way toward paying our bills.

That said, if you can find your way to making a donation of $25 or more, we are going to do a drawing for five sets of signed photomosaic posters of Barack Obama by original creations by our own Anne C. Savage. Her first one ran as a full two-page spread in Time magazine and has been used for book covers, in other magazines and for posters. This year, she has a new one that is, in my opinion, even better. Make a donation of $25 or more and be entered into a drawing for one of five two-poster sets (an Anne will sign them, too!)

Here’s the 2012 edition. Click the image to go to a page where you can see the faces up close.

You can make your donation using this handy Paypal link (you can change the amount if you wish):


If you would prefer to send a check and need our address, send an email to me at eclectablog at gmail period com.

Thanks for your support. We truly do appreciate it.

P.S. Can’t afford even a small donation? Please consider sharing links to posts you find here on your social media sites. And don’t forget to invite your friends to put a “Like” on our Facebook page, too! Thanks.