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10 Reasons To Support Eclectablog (Even In The Middle Of The Election)


I know what you’re thinking. We’re in the middle of an election. I’m not even maxed out to President Obama yet how can I donate to a blog? But I also know something else about you.

Something strange is happening in America. While 81% of Republicans say the economy is getting worse – despite improvements in the job, stock and real estate markets – while 74% of Democrats say it’s getting better.

Something tells me you’re in that 74%. So join the party, stimulate the economy a little. Donate $25 or more and you could win one of these beautiful Obama photo mosaics created by our Anne Savage.

If you need some more explanation why supporting Eclectablog is a great investment even in the middle of an election, read on.

1. Chris Savage covers the Michigan political scene with the passion it deserves.
2. Chris’ forthcoming voting guide will save you time as you prepare to cast your vote this November.
3. Anne Savage’s photos of the campaign show up here first before they’ll go on to appear in history books.
4. Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law became a national story in part thanks to the work Chris Savage does.
5. You get a lot of news, but what you get from Eclectablog is the rare, unfiltered progressive news and commentary you rely on.
6. We’re not afraid to be on your side 100% of the time.
7. The health care of all Americans is on the ballot this November and we’re doing our best to make sure people know that when they vote.
8. Did I mention the photo mosaic?
9. Michigan is under siege by powerful right wing groups that rise up in off year elections. Our goal is to grow strong enough to fight them in 2014.
10. You enjoy laughing at Republicans. And so do we.

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