Lies, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan — September 10, 2012 at 2:15 pm

The media turns on Romney – Mark Halperin on the Romney “Death Stench”


Ooo, ooo, that smell. Can’tchya smell that smell?

Okay, so THIS isn’t good:

Romney … is in danger of living out the Haley Barbour dictum: in politics, bad gets worse. Super PACs might start shifting their money from the presidential race to save the House majority and look to pick up Senate seats. Romney’s own fundraising will take a hit. Stories about Romney pulling up stakes in Michigan and other ostensible battlegrounds will add to the death stench.

Seriously, when Time magazine pundits start talking about the Romney “Death Stench”, you know you’re in trouble.

And Mitt is, indeed, in serious trouble. After getting basically no bump of his own after the Republican Clown Show in Tampa™ (aka the Republican National Convention), he now has to watch President Obama enjoy a large bump. By almost every metric you can name except white men, Mitt Romney’s poll numbers are circling the drain.

It’s not surprising, of course. Romney is counting on the stupidity and gullibility of the American voters. He believes he can purchase the presidency and simply skip along, not giving any specifics about his policies and shifting his positions to accommodate and pander to whoever he happens to be talking to. He’s got a vice presidential candidate who he slams for the votes he has taken while, out on the trail, Paul Ryan is contradicting Romney in public speaking events.

Just in the past few days, Mitt Romney has flip-flop-flipped on health insurance reform so many times that he’s giving the reporters covering his campaign whiplash. Here’s the Obama campaign spokesperson Lis Smith’s response to that insulting bit of pandering:

With three different answers in just one day, it’s clear that health care is just a matter of political gamesmanship to Mitt Romney, but it’s a matter of grave importance to American families who can find little comfort in his empty rhetoric. His promise to help people get insurance as long as they have had coverage in the past is anything but courageous leadership. In fact, it’s been the law for more than 15 years, even before the Affordable Care Act. If he wanted to show leadership, he would stand up to insurance companies, make tough, often politically unpopular choices like the President did and stop all discrimination for people with preexisting conditions — not just those with coverage, but for all 129 million Americans who have preexisting conditions.

The low-brow campaign they are running is exemplified by the speech Ann Romney gave at their Clown Show convention. A university professor analyzed her speech and it came in at a 5th grade reading level while the speech by First Lady Michelle Obama came in seven grades higher at a 12th grade reading level.

I’m beginning to think that the only people still supporting Mitt Romney are the 15% of “very conservative” Ohio Republicans that — I shit you not — give ROMNEY credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden in a recent PPP poll (pdf) :

The Romney-Ryan campaign is a slow motion trainwreck playing out before our eyes. The closer the train gets to the collision point, the more his support will flee like rats off a sinking ship. It’s looking very much like they are giving up on both Michigan and Wisconsin. If Romney and Ryan can’t even win in their home states, that tells you everything that you need to know.

When this campaign finally dies from the putrescence of its lies and more lies, on behalf of the state of Michigan, I’d like to decline having the mortal remains returned to this state.

Maybe they can bury them in the Cayman Islands.