GOPocrisy, Lies, Mitt Romney — September 18, 2012 at 3:43 pm

Speaking of not paying taxes & entitlement, how about the 26 Fortune 500 corporations that haven’t paid tax in 4 years?


Say, Mitt, when will these guys take personal responsibility & care about THEIR lives?

With Mitt Romney bloviating about how half the country are tax cheats that feel “entitled” to things like food and healthcare and housing, I got to thinking about who else in the USA doesn’t pay taxes. Then I remembered a report by the Citizens for Tax Justice (pdf) that came out earlier this year. It was a report that showed 26 Fortune 500 companies — PROFITABLE Fortune 500 companies, I should add — that paid no taxes or actually got a rebate every year since 2008.

There they are on the right. Look at that list. General Electric. Mattel. Corning. Con-way. Boeing. A plethora of energy companies. Every one of them profitable and every one of them paying less than 0% taxes in the years 2008-2011.

So, tell us, Mitt, how about it? When will these parasites on society start caring about their lives and taking some damn personal responsibility? I mean, they use a LOT of resources paid for by real tax payers: Transportation and road systems. Police and fire protection. Water and sewer systems. Tax breaks and so much more.

Surely you know some of the people that run these companies. You brag endlessly about that. Chat ’em up, will ya, Mitt? Ask them when they are going to stop being dependent and acting so entitled about everything.

And another thing: what about all those companies that got government bailouts? Like Bain Capital, for example.

And what about all those monstrous banks that the taxpayers bailed out? When are THEY going to start caring about THEIR lives and taking personal responsibility? I have to believe you know the CEOs of these companies, Mitt. Would you ring them up and ask them this question on behalf of the US taxpayers who saved their asses when their whole world was crumbling around them because they gambled with other people’s money and created a catastrophic global recession?

Because I, for one, would really like to know.

One final thing, Mitt: that statement that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes? That’s complete and utter bullshit and you know it. Here, take a look at the facts (from the Tax Policy Center):

See that, Mitt? It’s actually less than 20% and over half of them are senior citizens who have retired. That includes our men and women in the military, too, Mitt. And these people still pay property taxes and sales taxes and state & local taxes. So, this idea that half the country are freeloaders? That’s crap, Mitt, and you know it.

Want to know who the REAL freeloaders are, Mitt? Have a look at that chart at the top again. I’ll bet you know some of them, don’t you?

I think it’s time they stop feeling so damned entitled, don’t you? After all, they’re people, too, right, Mitt?