Bwahahahahaha, Michigan, Mitt Romney — September 14, 2012 at 11:50 am

Romney campaign bus stop in Mount Pleasant, Michigan draws several


A massive crowd of 17…

Multiply this crowd by two to get a feel for the Mt. Pleasant turnout

One of several Romney campaign buses making the rounds in the USA made a stop on the campus of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant this week and drew a teeming crowd of “about 17”. Michigan Victory Communications Director Kelsey Knight said, “We’re here in an effort to splash how strong our grassroots efforts here in Michigan.”

Mission not accomplished.

About 17 people ventured to Lot 27 Wednesday afternoon to get a glimpse of one of Mitt Romney’s campaign buses. {…}

In Michigan, Romney’s representatives primary effort was recruiting supported for “Super Saturday,” a monthly event aimed to gauge the amount of Romney support in the area, Knight said.

“Super Saturday is when volunteers go door to door and focus on getting the word out for the Romney campaign,” Knight said.

In total, Romney has five buses that tour the nation, Knight said. Romney also has a campaign jet, which was built in Michigan. Governor Romney’s state headquarters are located in Lansing.

Romney should appeal to Michigan residents, she said.

He should but, as it turns out, he doesn’t. We all know why. With so much of our economy tied to the automotive industry, Michiganders are still pissed at Mitt Romney for turning his back on our domestic autoworkers. That, combined with his take-every-side-on-every-issue approach and unwillingness to be transparent about his taxes and his business past, have Michigan citizens rightfully skeptical of the failed candidate.

It appears to be contagious, too. To our south, Ohio is now looking very good for President Obama. A poll released this week has him seven points ahead of Romney in the Buckeye state. He’s five points ahead in Florida and Virginia, as well.

The “Death Stench” of the Romney campaign continues to waft across the country. The good news? It gives us the opportunity to give President Obama a clear mandate with a landslide victory and allows us to focus even more intently on the down ticket races.

And focus we will.

[Photo credit: Anne C. Savage | Eclectablog (not from the Mt. Pleasant stop)]