Debbie Stabenow, Pete Hoekstra — September 12, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Pete Hoekstra continues negative campaign on 9/11 then accuses Stabenow of “politicizing” it


Couldn’t stop for even one day? REALLY?

Yesterday, political campaigns with any integrity at all pulled their ads and took a day off to honor Americans killed in the September 11th attacks 11 years ago. But not Pete Hoekstra.

Hoekstra continued to run is pathetic “Worst Senator” ad campaign which is nothing but a hypocritical attack on Senator Stabenow with no substance about what he represents.

The Stabenow campaign DID pull its ads for the day. In fact, the ad they are currently running here at Eclectablog was pulled until this morning after they contacted me and asked me to take it down for the day.

Stabenow campaign spokesperson Cullen Scharz issued a statement saying, “We believe September 11th is not a time for negative campaigning”. Hoekstra’s response? To accuse the Stabenow campaign of “politicizing” the day of rememberance.

Debbie Stabenow and Democrats are displaying the worst style of politics by using 9/11 to attack Pete Hoekstra for a messaging campaign that has been up since Saturday.

This is an absurd statement. All of the major campaigns pulled their ads yesterday, ad campaigns that have been running for much longer than Hoekstra’s lame campaign in many cases.

Not unexpected from “Twitter Pete”, of course. He has a long history of inappropriate acts with regards to our military. His failure to take a day off is bad enough but accusing the Stabenow campaign of “the worst style of politics by using 9/11 to attack” him is hypocritical and ironic to a new level.

It’s no wonder he’s down 9 points in the race and getting his ass kicked in fundraising. GOPocrisy at its finest