Michigan — September 21, 2012 at 9:00 am

Money bomb for the Recall of Troy Tea Party Mayor Janice Daniels – Please help


Like a dog shaking off fleas…

In 46 days, the people of Troy, Michigan will decide if they made a tragic, horrible mistake when they elected Janice Daniels to be their mayor last year. The intelligent, thinking Troy residents know that this is true but it’s important that they get the word out to the others in their community. In order to do this, they are doing a 24-hour money bomb starting today at 9:00 a.m.

Why recall Daniels? She’s a homophobic tea partier who has used gay slurs in public, compared being a homosexual to cigarette smoking (because it’s “dangerous”) and a mental illness, shut down an $8.4 million transit center project that would have benefited the region’s businesses and residents, and generally been a complete embarrassment to Troy, engaging in long-winded tea party screeds at government meetings.

It’s time for Troy to send Daniels packing and you can help. Here’s what the Daniels recall campaign is asking:

A moneybomb is a 24 hour internet fund raiser that spreads virally. Here’s how you spread word:

  • First, right click on the money bomb image at the top of this page and choose “Save Image As…” to save the image to your machine. Then change facebook profile pic to the saved image.
  • Next, cut and paste this message into your status update:
    “Recall Janice Daniels needs your help! We need to raise $2000 for one last mailer! Please Donate! And if you can’t donate, spread the word! It’s free!
  • Then, copy and paste the entire text of this blockquote and send this email to everyone in your email list. And ask them to do the same!
  • And if you have a Twitter account, cut and paste this to your twitter account:
    “Recall Janice Daniels needs your help! We need to raise $2000 for one last mailer! Please Donate! If you can’t donate, spread the word!

That’s it! If you spread the word, this can be a massive success! So please do what you can!

– The Recall Team

Look, in Troy, like in so many other places across the country in 2010 and 2011, Democrats stayed home and the tea party folks got their people to the polls. That’s democracy. But we also have mechanisms in place to correct horrible mistakes like this (and make no mistake about THIS — Janice Daniels as mayor is a very, very horrible mistake.) Like recalls. And THAT’S democracy, too.

They only need to raise $2,000 for this grassroots effort. Can you help? Helping them to spread the word can help Troy rid itself of this tea party menace, Janice Daniels.


Oh, yeah: Please make a donation yourself. I did.