Mitt Romney, Republican-Fail — September 24, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Mitt Romney mines campaign roadkill for attack points


Guys, you’re embarrassing yourselves

If attack points were the food upon which campaigns feed, Mitt Romney has begun to mine the stinking, dead carcasses of roadkill possums.

I’m not kidding. Mitt Romney is actually going BACK to attacking President Obama using the assassination of Libyan ambassador Christopher Stevens. It’s a topic that Romney so completely and tragically botched that it ended any hope of him ever becoming president. And yet he’s going “there”.

Mitt Romney is once again going after President Obama’s handling of the deadly attack in Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens, this time accusing him of minimizing his death’s importance.

In two separate interviews Monday, Romney took aim at Obama’s remark in a interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday that “there are going to be bumps in the road” as the US builds a relationship with new governments emerging from the Arab Spring. The Republican nominee said Obama triviliazed events overseas. “I can’t imagine saying something like the assassination of ambassadors is a bump in the road,” Romney said in an interview with ABC News Monday.

It’s really not possible to understate how devastating to Romney’s campaign his response to the assassination of Stevens was or to the violence visited upon our embassies in the Mideast. He should be distancing himself so far from it that it seems like something from the 2008 election. But, < sarcasm>shrewd campaigner that he is < /sarcasm>, Romney has decided to resurrect it. It’s the political campaign equivalent of punching yourself in the face. With both hands. With brass knuckles.

There are “unforced errors” and then there are … this.

I’ve said it before and I say it again now: if the man can’t even run a political campaign properly, why on earth would we ever think he could lead the country?

[CC Facepalm image credit: Cesar Astudillo | Flickr]