Bwahahahahaha, Mitt Romney, Republican-Fail — September 26, 2012 at 8:14 am

Mitt Romney is a warm & friendly guy who “just happens to be running for president”


Oops, I accidentally ran for president

Mitt Romney is desperately — DESPERATELY! — trying to be liked. With his unfavorables at tragically low levels, he’s now pitching himself as “a warm, friendly … who just happens to be running for president.”


Check out this email I got last night promoting his “On Board with Mitt” fundraiser:


Mitt’s a warm, friendly guy — and a very proud grandpa — who just happens to be running for president.

If you happen to win this “On Board” contest and end up meeting Mitt on the campaign plane at 30,000 feet — I’m sure you’ll find him to be as grounded and down to earth as I do. But this contest ends tonight.

“Just happens to be running for president”??? Like, “Oops! Look what happened! I’m accidentally running for president! Gosh!”???

Mitt Romney has been running for president for years. His plans would harm the middle class and the poor, would eviscerate our social safety net, and would set our country back decades.

But, hey, he’s a warm and friendly guy. And, after all, he’s not Barack Obama.

[Romney photo by Anne C. Savage, special to Eclectablog]