Labor — September 5, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Michigan Supreme Court puts collective bargaining ballot proposal on the November ballot


Together, united, we cannot be defeated

In a very encouraging victory for working Michiganders, the Supreme Court today ruled that the Protect Our Jobs/Protect Working Families ballot proposal to give constitutional protection to collective bargaining rights WILL appear on the November ballot.

The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that the following ballot proposals should be placed on the November ballot:

  • Tax hike supermajority
  • Future bridge and tunnel vote
  • Collective bargaining

The high court ruled that the casino expansion ballot initiative will not be place on the ballot.

So, voters in Michigan will face a total of six ballot initiatives this November.

Follow the links on the proposal description to access the full text of the ballot question (all pdf files.)

Todd Cook, Director of We Are The People Michigan, issued this statement:

The Supreme Court made the right call today. When nearly 700,000 citizens sign a petition, we have a right to be heard and to make our case to the voters.

Corporate special interests tried to silence Michigan working families – and they failed. Their misleading, multi-million dollar campaign shows exactly why we need collective bargaining in our state’s Constitution.

Nurses, firefighters, teachers and all Michigan workers deserve the right to join together to advocate for safety, fair working conditions, decent wages and good benefits. That’s how we build a strong middle class and a strong economy in Michigan.

As I have written about before, of the six measures to appear on the November ballot, this one, more than any of the others, has the best opportunity to bring Democrats to the polls — Dems that might, for one reason or another, decide not to vote at all. However, these are people who, if they DO vote, will be very likely to vote for Democrats.

Want to get involved? Visit the Protect Our Jobs website and get started! If you’d like to make a much-needed financial contribution, you can do that HERE.