Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, President Obama — September 21, 2012 at 6:57 am

Hope & Change: Romney thinks he’s going to make Congress act in a bipartisan way. No. Seriously.


Has there ever been such a totally fail presidential campaign before???

Guess who said this:

“I can change Washington. I will change Washington. We’ll get the job done from the inside. Republicans and Democrats will come together.”

If you thought that was from Senator Barack Obama, circa Summer 2008, you’d be dead wrong. That was Mitt Romney. Yesterday.

Yes, Mitt Romney is now running on a campaign of Hope & Change. The man who pits Americans against each other in a class war then accuses the President of doing what he himself has just done is now going to get Republicans and Democrats to work together, like the lion laying down with the lamb.

Only, Mitt Romney doesn’t need the American people to help him. He’s going to do it all on his own. In a really almost childish email from his campaign yesterday, campaign manager Matt Rhoades had this to say:

The President has thrown in the towel.

He said he can’t change Washington from the inside.

America needs to take him at his word and elect a leader who won’t give up.

Mitt Romney can change Washington, he will change Washington – and with your help, he will get the job done.

President Obama’s slogan was “Yes, we can.” And now it’s “No, I can’t.”

Here’s ours: “It’s time for a new president. It’s time for Mitt Romney.”

It’s a continuation of their fail theme: “Vote for Mitt Romney because he’s not Barack Obama.” But it’s also an arrogant statement that he’s going to affect change in our government with no need to enlist Americans across the country in the process. Contrast that to President Obama’s approach:

Here’s President Obama making the case yesterday at a townhall meeting sponsored by the Spanish-language Univision network:

Mitt Romney is careening from one failed campaign slogan to the next. All the while, President Obama sits there calmly, watching Romney spin around and chase his own tail, trying to figure out a message, any message that will appeal to American voters. President Obama’s message is as clear now as it was in 2008: Out of many, we are one. E pluribus unum. Nothing significant gets done in America, nothing that will last, unless the American people are there supporting it.

When your opponent adopts the campaign slogan you used four years ago, well, that’s gotta feel pretty good.

Finally, if you haven’t seen this video that pokes fun at the Romney campaign for their insulting use of out of context statements when slamming President Obama, have a look. It’s hilarious and effective.