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EXCLUSIVE: Interactive PANORAMIC IMAGES from the last night of the Democratic National Convention


The next best thing to being there

I had lugged all my panoramic equipment to the convention on Thursday afternoon hoping that I would be able to photograph a full-spherical panoramic image of the final event. At around 5:30 p.m., I went down to the convention floor to get a few photos, fully expecting that I would leave, upload the images that I took, and then head back a second time with my panoramic equipment. As it turned out, they locked down the floor right after I went in. This meant that, if I left, I would not be able to return.

Because of this, the interactive panoramic images below were done by hand rather than using my standard pano equipment (tripod + panoramic bracket) and were taken with my widest lens. These panoramic images are about 9 images stitched together. I didn’t include the images behind me because it was just other photographers and a wall. It was not worth including those images as it would increase the loading time (and probably not please the folks behind me with a very close up shot of their faces!)

So far as we know, these are the only interactive panoramic images taken during and after President Obama’s acceptance speech.

Click and hold your mouse to move around the image or use the tools at the bottom of each image. The button on the far right will make the image full screen (recommended). Although this is Flash technology, I use a program that will allow you to view these images on your iPad and iPhone, as well. If you don’t see the panoramic images load below often a browser refresh will load them. There are links to the images flat below the panos.

Click HERE for a flat image of the first pano.
Click HERE for a flat image of the second pano.