Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, President Obama — September 18, 2012 at 9:57 pm

At this point in 2008 Barack Obama was losing to John McCain



There’s one “polling” site that I watch more than any others. More than Gallup. More than Pollster. More than any other. It’s

I like it because it basically takes the most recent legitimate poll from each state and gives you a day-to-day snapshot of where the presidential race stands in terms of the all-important electoral vote count.

In 2008, on this day, September 18, Senator John McCain was in the lead against then-Senator Barack Obama.

Seriously. Check it out:

Then (September 18, 2008):

Now (September 18, 2012):

And Barack Obama wasn’t self-immolating at the time in the way that Mitt Romney is …err… has been for the past month or more.

If Democrats don’t take advantage of this impending landslide, they are missing a HUGE opportunity. Don’t let that happen, folks. Get thee to the polls, run up the score for Barack Obama, and elect every Democrat you possibly can.

And pass some progressive ballot initiatives while you’re at it ; )