Mitt Romney, Republican-Fail, Republicans — September 28, 2012 at 9:40 pm

A message to all you Republicans blaming Romney for the state of the presidential race


Let’s review, shall we?

Republicans are starting to drift away at the edges of Presidential campaign. Vulnerable Republicans, in particular, are avoiding “The Stench”. They don’t need that boat anchor around their ankles.

It actually started early in the primary season when people like Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich warned Republicans that, if they chose Romney, they’d lose to Obama. Yesterday, Politico posted a piece titled “In the end, it’s Mitt“. Everyone blames Mitt.

Let’s just remember what the Republicans alternatives were:

Newt Gingrich? The self-promoting, “let’s hire poor kids to clean toilets at their schools to give them dignity” candidate? HE could have beaten Obama? Please.

Herman Cain? The “nine-nine-nine” pizza mogul who mocks other countries (“Uze becki becki stan stan”) and was about 2 millimeters deep when it came to any sort of discussion about his foreign policy or even domestic policy? Right.

Rick Perry? The secessionist governor who wanted to lead the country and remake it in the image of Texas? Oops.

Michele Bachmann? The woman was so detached from the facts that fact checkers just sort of shrugged their shoulders and gave up? Seriously?

Rick Santorum? The guy who thinks wanting all Americans to have the opportunity to go to college makes you “a snob”? Ferreals?

Ron Paul? RON PAUL??? You have to be kidding.

Jon Huntsman? Oh, sure, like you guys were ever going to pick him! Waa-aay too sane in comparison to the others.

So, as things go forward and the slow motion trainwreck of the Romney campaign unfolds in front of your eyes and he gets his ass handed to him by Barack Obama, sweeping a new crew of Democrats into Congress, let’s just remember this: Romney may have been an atrocious candidate — and he was — but your choices were no better elsewhere. You literally had EIGHT candidates to chose from and not one of them had a prayer of winning against Barack Obama.

And that is what happens when you let the tea party take over your party. Congratulations. You deserve it.

[CC image credit: the incomparable Donkey Hotey | Flickr]