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Why phone banking & door knocking for Obama is vital: “We are microtargeting”


No vote left behind

Last night, I attended a presentation sponsored by Women for Obama and given by Obama for America (OFA) national political director Katherine Archuleta. The last slide in her presentation was this one:

75 days. That’s how much time we have left. (Actually, now it’s 74.)

What we do with that time between now and the November 6th election is up to us. But, what I can tell you is that your highest “bang for your buck” volunteer time will be for OFA.

Why do I say that? Because OFA knows how to win. The Obama campaign knows which voters they need to persuade. They know their phone numbers, their addresses, their voting patterns, which emails they respond to, and what their passion is; what gets them excited about making sure Barack Obama gets a second turn. Most importantly, they know the likelihood of them going to the polls to vote for President Obama.

Maybe you are a passionate environmentalist. Perhaps you only open emails from OFA women like Steffanie Cutter or Michelle Obama. Maybe you belong to the Construction Workers for Obama group. OFA knows this and they know how best to reach people based on their particular interests.


How do they know all of this? Because they have been calling and knocking doors for months now. And, as we get closer to the election, they will do more and more of that, refining those lists, separating the chaff from the wheat so, come GOTV (“Get Out The Vote”) weekend, they know EXACTLY who they need to be talking about voting. And then, during that weekend, they will contact those people multiple times, making sure they are going to vote, that they have plans to vote and that they did, in fact, vote.

But they need those lists to be absolutely perfect.

That’s where YOU come in. It’s time, folks. It’s time to get very, very serious about this campaign. Obama is getting out-fundraised and out-spent by the Romney campaign and what will win this is feet on the ground. YOUR feet. OUR feet.

And, don’t forget: every person we get to the polls to vote for President Obama is another very likely vote for your Democratic state House candidate and your local Democratic Township Superviser or City Council member and for the progressive ballot initiatives in your area. OFA turns out Democratic voters and that benefits everyone.

Are you ready to get started? Fired up? Ready to go?

Then CLICK HERE and get going.