Conservatives — August 20, 2012 at 7:09 am

What Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin Reminds Us


Your “freedom” doesn’t include the right to tell women how their bodies work.

When Todd Akin said that a woman’s body would not allow a pregnancy during a “legitimate rape,” he didn’t just betray a stunning ignorance of a woman’s biology. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine estimates over 25,000 pregnancies a year are a result of rape. Akin also reminded American women of the type of man who thinks he should be in charge of a woman’s decisions.

Here’s a reminder for Todd Akin and all the anti-women’s rights crusaders who think they know when life begins: Life doesn’t end the moment a woman has sex. And it certainly doesn’t end when a woman is raped.

There is a mechanism in the human body that prevents a woman from having to endure an unwanted pregnancy. That mechanism is the human brain.

Akin is only special because he hasn’t learned the code words to explain how little respect most anti-abortion rights men have for a woman’s ability to make her own decisions. But he has the same policies of almost every top Republican male in this country—including the men the GOP is about to nominate for president and vice president.

So keep that in mind as the GOP tries to pretend Todd Akin is the exception, not the rule.

[CC image: DonkeyHotey]