Uncategorized — August 7, 2012 at 7:15 am

Vote today as if your future depended upon it. Because it does.


Voting is sexy.

It’s really astonishing and heartbreaking how few people vote in our country’s primaries. It’s heartbreaking because these are the elections where we can actually impact the political future of our country. If you want your state to be more progressive, it’s at the primary where you can choose between candidates who are more or less progressive.

It’s at the primary where you can shake off that Conservadem that’s been plaguing you and replace them with a good, solid progressive Democrat.

It’s at the primary where we can send corrupt frauds like Roy Schmidt in Michigan House district 76 packing and, instead, replace him with a real Democrat Winnie Brinks (be sure to spell it right, you’re going to have to write that name in.)

It’s at the primary where you can repudiate fake Democrats and vote for REAL Democrats.

So, please, vote today. It’s critically important.

Adding… If you’re in Michigan and need information about where to vote and to view a sample ballot, click HERE. If you encounter any problems voting, call 1-800-OUR-VOTE.