Conservatives — August 14, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Strange bedenemies: Tea Party of West Michigan takes on Michigan Right to Life


Let’s you and him fight…

Tea partiers in western Michigan are taking on a strange adversary this month. In a widely-blogged screed from the Tea Party of West Michigan (“Influence policy, effect [sic] elections, protect the Constitution”), Tina DuPont is outraged the Right to Life of Michigan is supposedly supporting the formation of a state-run health insurance exchange mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Sorry, two in one day is unusual but I just found out that Michigan Right To Life has been convinced (guess by who)that a state written exchange will keep us from paying for abortions. They are a strong lobbying group in Lansing as you all know and they are, as I write this, working on our House members to get them to vote to use 9.8 Mill (our federal tax dollars) to start the process of writing a state exchange. Also NFIB has started to do likewise. Please Please Please, this has to go viral. We must pressure MI RTL to stop this madness and call our Michigan House yet again to encourage them to stay the course. Rep Haines has put up a very valiant fight for us and we must buck her up now so that she can hold her stand against this horrible confiscation of such a large chunk of our economy by Obama and his group of thugs!

We know that it will not matter who writes this thing as the feds (HHS) will force us to pay for abortions. HHS has total control and they want this badly.

The exchange will be available in later years if we find we cannot stop this thing. It does not have to be done today, now.

This video explains what I mean.

Thank you for all you do when I send these out. It really does make a huge difference in Lansing. — Tina

I tried to “guess who” but was unsuccessful. Governor Snyder, perhaps?

The Right Michigan blog breathlessly exclaims “Don’t believe a word you hear from supporters of Obamacare being implemented in any way. you are being lied to.” No explanation of what the lies are — only that if someone is supporting it, they are a liar. It’s a simple way to look at the world that they have; cartoonish in bold, primary colors with no shades of grey. If someone disagrees with you, they are lying. Simple dimple.

I’m not sure where Ms. DuPont is getting her information. I have found no evidence of Right to Life of Michigan supporting the health care exchange. At any rate, I find it full of awesome that the tea party folks in Michigan are so full of anti-Obama hatred that they are willing to spit on groups they would normally see as allies.

Keep it up, folks. At this rate, you will marginalize yourself into obscurity.

The rest of us will celebrate.

P.S. When you use the phrase “Obama and his group of thugs”, you automatically lose. Grow the hell up.

P.P.S. For eighty skabillionth freaking time: THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT DOES NOT ALLOW FOR ABORTION COVERAGE EXCEPT TO SAVE THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER! Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe the Kaiser Family Foundation (pdf):

Ensure[s] that federal premium or cost-sharing subsidies are not used to purchase coverage for abortion if coverage extends beyond saving the life of the woman or cases of rape or incest (Hyde amendment). If an individual who receives federal assistance purchases coverage in a plan that chooses to cover abortion services beyond those for which federal funds are permitted, those federal subsidy funds (for premiums or cost-sharing) must not be used for the purchase of the abortion coverage and must be segregated from private premium payments or state funds.