Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan — August 13, 2012 at 7:13 am

Romney flubs VP announcement, already backtracking on Ryan budget plan


And so it begins…

Right out of the chute, Mitt Romney flubbed the announcement of Paul Ryan as his choice for Vice President.

Join me in welcoming the next President of the United States, Paul Ryan.

He left the stage, Paul Ryan ran up, then he had to come back up on stage to correct himself.

Watch it:

Two rich white guys, neither of whom ever served in the military, making their major announcement on the deck of a military ship. How typical of the Republicans is that?

In the process, Romney gave the Democrats the best photo op they could hope for:

“Every now and then I’ve been known to make a mistake,” he said, pointing at Paul Ryan.

His campaign immediately began walking back his support of the Ryan plan on Sunday morning. CNN reports this from the talking points they issued:

1) Does this mean Mitt Romney is adopting the Paul Ryan plan?

Gov. Romney applauds Paul Ryan for going in the right direction with his budget, and as president he will be putting together his own plan for cutting the deficit and putting the budget on a path to balance.

That’s political courage in action, kids. Pure, unadulterated “Run away! Run away!”

The Obama campaign already has a website up labeling the pair THE GO BACK TEAM.

The choice of Paul Ryan tells you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about the Romney campaign. If you didn’t think the Republicans were about a massive transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to our nation’s wealthy elites, you can forget about that now.

The Romney/Ryan ticket represents:

  • Shifting the costs of Medicare to onto the elderly
  • Handing senior citizens a coupon and sending them out on their own to find health insurance
  • Starting two wars and not funding them — in fact CUTTING TAXES
  • Raising taxes on the middle class to pay for an even larger tax break for the wealthy

Here’s Paul Ryan’s brand of compassion for the elderly:

“I hope he’s taking his blood pressure medicine! Ha, ha, ha!”

That 36-second video of a 71-year old, frightened man being taken down and handcuffed while Ryan laughs at him and makes a joke at his expense is the rawest expression of Paul Ryan’s compassion toward his fellow Americans that I’ve seen (H/T Tim M.)

The selection of Paul Ryan got off to a very bad start and it’s only going to get worse from here.

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